Knowledge Passed On

before we learn to speak, our true nature is to lov and be happy, to explore and enjoy life.

as little children we are completely authentic. 

our actions are guided by instinct and emotions, we listen to the silent voice of our integrity. once we learn a language, the people around us hook our attention and program us with knowledge. but that knowledge is contaminated with lies.

with our attention focused on all the knowledge in our head, we no longer perceive the world through the eyes of lov, we only perceive what we have learned to believe. the voice of knowledge comes alive inside our heads, and what is that voice telling us? mostly lies.. that voice never stops talking , judging, gossiping, and abusing us, it constantly sabotages our happiness and keeps us from enjoying a reality of truth and lov...

 we must find our inner peace the silent voice of our integrity and find inner peace. when the voice of knowledge no longer controls us, our life becomes an expression of our authentic self, just as it was before we learned to speak. then we return to lov, and we live in happiness again.
all humans are story tellers with their own unique point of view. when we understand this, we no longer feel the need to impose our story on others or to defend what we believe, instead, we see all of us as artists with the right to create our own art.......... 
book of wisdom.....
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6 Responses Feb 1, 2011

really made me think! thank you wise lady!

Some beautiful thoughts, candy... and some disturbing ones, especially your drawing attention to the use of language as a form of manipulation and control. It makes me view the wide-spread technique of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a different light.

my friend! I appreciate your words I am brought to my knee every time I read it… Many Blessings God bless you forever…:)

This is so true! When we are born we are influenced by our parents.We are not born " prejudice" it is learned. So mostly lies VERY true! And thats how many people lack self confidence,because what people can say.So we constantly are full of doubt! Very smart Lady ..Love your Prince :)

So true people can poison your mind! Thanks!

I agree with what you are saying here Candy. I believe this to be true. Great post.<br />