Love Of A Woman

I never could find anybody who could change my thoughts on love and now that I've found it on earth it's really a gift from God above. So I don't care if who throws me this way or that cause nobody can take away from me what's come alive deep inside. Through my darkest night you're the light that shines through I've lasted through my million nights to feel my moment of love in you. I know one is the loneliest number but guess what one and one equal two and one is never lonely when it's multiplied by you. I haven't always known  what I wanted day to day till you came along and replaced emptiness and pain. I look in the mirror at my smiles I know my love has come I'll love you deeper than a river I'll give you chills that make her quiver. I look forward my job being done and the subtle hints from you have again begun I would now be lost in this world with nothing without your love. I was once someone  with nothing living inside me I now hear the music of my life and at night I sleep with a gentle child of Christ. I can love this woman I can love my woman. With a love unconditional.


gr8jesus gr8jesus
51-55, M
Mar 25, 2011