I am young yes, judge me not on age.. but charater I request. As i live I watch, I learn. I see how many people are judged apon age, gender, race,I.Q., or who the smiply talk to. I've seen people judge on how they live,or even how someone else in the family lives.
As a person I have seen some of the (in my mind) dumbest reasons to be judged. So i have something to say, I Have My Own Thoughts.
Judgement... Right, or a twisted Idea? I say a bit of BOTH. If used right Judgement can being life changing in the best of ways or even a life saver. But if used poorly, it can have VERY bad effects and deam someone wrongly. A prime example I know all to well: judge on WHAT someone is instead of WHO they are.

I wonder on many things. One thing i would like to share is on christanty (forgive me if i miss spell) . Not apon it really. but a simple question circles my mind.. the date B.C. before christ. and all the civilzations before it was spread. Like the Native amercians they had never heard of chirst nor could have (note: before europens came) so they could not be "Saved." so was there jugdement damnation?
I mean NO offinse to ANYONE. Its just a question i often think about and wanted to share.

And what if the "monsters of the night" and everything we were told wasnt really, that there was no reason to fear the dark..Is all wrong? Unexplanable things happen almost every day dont? and all the folk tales and stories, did some one make them up?
if so, how do people on defferent parts of the world tell ether the same or close to the same tales? I just dont see why we can judge these "Fake" and believe in gods.. anyone see my point?
truthfully pondered,

p.s. anyone is free to message me
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i never said god wasnt real nor do I wish too. what i was saying here is that some people think they know it all becasue they can see and touch it. I was saying mayb not all things are not that easy. i was simply trying to use god and chirstianity as a example. you can s nor touch god here yet people are open and believe,<br />
have i explaind it better?

no i don't see your point bane,just come out straight with it, you are trying to say God is not real neither is Christianity real. and some unexplainable things happening in the world today.<br />
do you believe that we humans consist of both the visible and invisible, the visible part of us are what the scientist and doctor can see, can you, your body, and the invisible is your thought no one can see or hear what you are thinking or imagining even though the head of the person is been open no one can see what he is thinking or what is thought are that is our invisibility even the spirit of a man, just as you can see the rain and even the sun, but the air can only be feel and not seen.<br />
<br />
you want to know more go read the bible, and God who reveal the truth to you only if you believe bane, only if you believe friend.