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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

AIDS has taken a few steps back, Now a days we see famous people on TV with HIV and they get to the point where virus is undetectable, so people assume its all good for everyone with out the famous people's money for expenses and private nurses/doctors. Also there is not much money for the research these days as the fear has dropped as AIDS patient life spans have increased greatly due to meds. Maybe someday a president or very wealthy person will have HIV postive test results and dump billions into research... If I had billions of dollars, I would offer a billion dollar reward for the cure to HIV/AIDS that works on everyone HIV+ and a 500 million dollar reward for a vaccine to use safely on HIV negative people.<br />
<br />
Eventually though, it will be a major topic again as the baby boomers are now at high risk and the more the "everyday" people get HIV in larger numbers, it will priorty # one yet again, "they" just hoping it all just goes away I guess...