Futureristic Vision Hell

first of i want to get one thing straightend out i have visions in my sleep sometimes that actually happen to me within my life if it looks like it might happen then it will happen no questions asked but if its to rediculouse it wont ever happen thats all.. so i keep having this dream where i run a way from home because i hate my life (like i already do here) and when i almost get out of the neighborehood a horde of blood thirsty, brain hungry, blood splaterd zombies come and try to eat me, i fend of the horde that swams me the rest go to the houses and kill or infect everyone inside they kill my parents and infect my little 6 year old sister and kill my brother too..( i am only armed with a 3 inch pocket knife by the way)

its really grusome i kill my brother in a rage of killing all the zombies trying to eat him one already has bittin him by the time i kill all of them in the house and i decapitate both my brother by axident i scream in rage then fall to my hands and knees wake up in a driven rage to seek vengance on the zombies i look at my self i turned into a werewolf and kill all the zombie for my parents justice and rightsousness and i help any family or group in need from there on out so they dont go through the pain that i went throught that night when i help the first family they try to shoot me but i can talk aperantly and they calm down enought to shot a zombie behindme it bit me and it turnes out i am immune i turn to the wolf me every night.... i help the family to a safe military haven and go back into the zombie infested city to find more familys and groups to help...then it stops and i wake up and sometimes i get the "next episode' of it a couple night in which i help another family which is my cousins.
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

That's brutal. I stopped having those dreams when I was 11-13, but I know what you feel like. 😕

ya and it reocures like its going to happen but im not to sure what it means

Thats messed. Up dude that must gave been one scary dream

ya it one hell of a dream but it wont go away it just keeps on coming back