My Recurring Nightmare

Well, It's nearly every night I have the same nightmare. At first I am just standing in darkness and wandering around looking for something. But I don't know what.

Then I fall. And I keep falling through the darkness, but then I see a dull light beneath me and I feel water rushing past. I finally slow and land on a small wooden boat and I start to scream but all there is, is the ocean and my own screams. Then I hear shuffling behind me, I spin around and there's another larger and more modern boat. With all my friends and family on it looking at me as if I'm some stranger.

I hear someone shout something (I never can tell what) and they all turn and the boat floats away, no matter what or how loud I shout they never come back and
I'm left all alone crying and screaming in the ocean until the boat cracks and sinks. I start to drown and then I wake up.

Whenever I wake up I'm exhausted from shouting, and from flailing around in my sleep, but it's always the same.
TheRealClover TheRealClover
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Dont worry hun. Ill help u through this

Thanks, ur 2 good to me... :)

Your welcome. And your great. We've become so close

It might and I said might mean your adopted or it might mean your different from your friends and family in a big way

well, I am different (Wiccan), and have always felt scared that they might find out and leave me. I wasn't sure if the dream was related to it, thanks this helps!

Your welcome I'm here to help

Oh my god that sounds scary<br />
<br />
Apparently dreams have meanings I might know what this means but you probably wouldn't like it

OMG. Now I'm not sure if I want to know or not... ARGH it's gunna drive me crazy, what do you think it means?