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Its Embarrassing...

Just got up sometime back.
I have come home to take care of my mom who is not keeping well these days.
I slept on a bed which is kept in the tv room as i slept while i was watching something on the television.
I got up in the morning and as i got up i saw my penis erect and the blanket which i had used to avoid the cold gave it the look of a little tent.As i was in the tv room which happens to be at the cross section between the main entrence and the rest of the house, eveyone in the house which includes my mom dad sister etc. must have noticed.It felt embarrassing a soon as i woke up.
i gave a fuller look as i dont wear undies to bed.
Is it normal to have an erection while you are sleeping? just wanted to know.

toy67k toy67k 22-25, M 7 Responses Jul 22, 2011

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Yes it is normal ,completely. And my embarrassing one happened in a ladies beauty shop. I was getting a shampoo, something I never had done to me by someone else before, really embarrassing. But the real embarrassment was that the person washing my hair was a short chubby 70 yr old lady. It was a good thing she put a long ,long plastic cape on me which covered it up even though it was a little feminine .

makes me think.........

Czardoz is correct in saying that men have erections several times a night regardless of the state of their bladders, though "morning wood" seems to be encouraged by a full bladder. Some men can pee easily when hard and others cannot, depending on their degree of arousal. For some men, sex with a full bladder is very intense, while for others it is unpleasant or impossible. All part of "individual differences"!

There isn't an iota of scientific evidence (or any other kind) that a full bladder causes an erection during the REM stage of sleep. I have no idea why this factoid has survived.<br />
The comment by "aocbill" contributes another error by stating that an erect penis cannot void urine. Not true. I think I know where that myth comes from at least -- when a man **********, he cannot void urine. Has nothing to do with the erection. A man can pee with a hard-on. (better be careful though -- might be messy)<br />
As far as I know, it is not known exactly why the penis becomes erect during the REM stage of sleep. (Incidentally, a woman's clitoris encounters the same phenomenon during REM.)<br />
I have filmed myself sleeping and several times have seen the entire cycle. The penis becomes erect and then it goes back to being flaccid. In a normal, healthy man, this occurs several times during the night -- during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep.<br />
It is a fallacy in logic to make the assumption that a full bladder causes the erection ba<x>sed on the fact that when a man wakes up, he (1) has a full bladder and (2) has an erection. So what? He may also have "sleep" in his eyes from having them closed all night. The fact that both circumstances are present doesn't mean one causes the other.<br />
I have even read this myth in textbooks given to school children and have heard fairly intelligent people believe in the full bladder - erection scenario. But's time to come to terms with facts.<br />
Another proof, should some still not be convinced -- a man who has a urinary catheter running through his penis into his bladder will not ever have a full bladder. It has no choice but to trickle down the catheter into (hopefully) a bag to catch the urine. During sleep, his penis will become erect during REM, catheter tagging along. I know this well as I had surgery (a biopsy of tissue in the perineum) and had to wear the catheter with bag for several days. The surgery bruised my body in places that made things extremely tender, sensitive, and painful. I had bruising of the scrotum, part of my shaft, and the perineum. At first I slept with the urine-catching bag on the floor or down near my feet. I found out the hard way (pun and all) that whenever I got an erection during sleep, my penis would pull the catheter line when it changed positions. Hurt like crazy if the catheter line provided any resistance. I eventually placed the bag "above" my waist, so when I got hard, it wouldn't be dragging that line and pulling on my bruised genitals. No full bladder -- definitely an erection.<br />
Perhaps these two examples will convince some that men get erect, full bladder or empty bladder. For those it does not convince...not sure what to say about that.

That normal, and kinda

Yes, it is perfectly normal, hon!

Of course it is. I have a friend who is 83, and he always has one when he awakes. The male will get one because while sleeping, if his bladder is full, he could inadvertantly lose control. When the penis is erect, you cannot urinate. prevents embarassement during intercourse. Since your kidneys have been doing their job while you are asleep, your bladder is full. to preent a bedwetting incident, your penis unconsciously hardens, preventing an accident. This is why, usually, the first thing you do when arising is to urinate. The situation is totally normal.