Just Now.

So I have wanted my frenulum at the tip of my penis and the base pierced for years.  To make matters worse I wanted to do it myself.  It for me was a sort of right of passage.  This am about an hr ago. I gathered up my kit and I pierced my frenulum. There was almost no pain at all. I pushed the needle through a bit slower then I would have liked but only because I was worried about ******* or flinching if I just gave it my all.  I took long slow controlled deep breaths and the needle slid through painlessly.  It only hurt when I rubbed my gland with the forcepts and when I was pushing the length of the needle through. I should have used more lube.  No blood at all. But best of all it looks fantastic. Its everything I was hoping it would be.  I almost did the 4 others that I have planned but I want this one to heal first so I know better what to expect.  If all goes well I am going to add 3 piercings to my balls. 1 right and left of my shaft and one on the lower frenulum. If they go well I am going to do my own PA. After that I may do a dorsal and ventral ladder of 6-8 bars. I am planning to do them all myself.  I am not into pain in fact I rather dislike it. But I love the way I look with my new jewelry.   
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Baby- Dam , I wish I was as brave as you. Have always wanted to do this but never did. Have my ear pierced 3 times & Love them. Well maybe one day. Thanks .

Just do it! You wont regret it!