It Has Attachments...

What can I say...? I have a 2g barbell in my Prince albert. It's fun to have and makes sex great. It is always fun to have at parties to.
slim9one slim9one
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2006

I love my genital piercing, dont know how I lived with out it before, I have an Apadravya, the hottest one

i never had a problem. mine is an 8 gage curved barbell. you can see it in my picktures. urine keeps it clean and disinfected while you cure. after that it's like having a skin tube. sex is great. my wife likes the extra tickle when i thrust it in.

The sex is great for you? I've got nothing against gential piercings. Infact, I have some of my own. I've never been with a guy that has a P.A piercing, but I've been with one who had five piercings along his shaft. It was the most painful sex I've ever had. But no worries, I was smart kicked him off me. Poor guy will probably never get off inside a woman again.

That's really unique!<br />
But don't you now have to be extra careful so it doesn't get infected?<br />
Having something pierced in an area like that would make me even more nervous of contracting an STD.