Finding A Surgeon For A Tongue Split

I have been looking for an oral surgeon to split my tongue.
One office in my area listened to me and considered doing the procedure, but decided to stay mainstream and turned me down. Too bad there is so much negative publicity out there about it. I had to give up my tongue piercing because of chipping my teeth, and this was to be my replacement toy. Even called the doctor in New York who had done Lizardman's tongue (check out his story!) but that surgeon quit doing it after a few times. Even though he might be one of the most experienced surgeons for the procedure, I presume he bowed to pressure from narrow minded colleagues. The world is tough.
Talked with my doctor ("Don't do it!"), my dentist, (supportive and wished me luck, though he had never seen a split tongue) and my wife (not supportive, yet...). My dentist was so interested he even called an oral surgeon he consults to discuss it. Haven't spoken with that surgeon yet, though.
Letting a piercer do the job is probably the most common way it is done, but I am not comfortable with that so I will probably go with surgery. My personal opinion is that tongues that have been sliced and not sutured don't look as good as those that are sutured along the cut.
Finally found a plastic surgeon in Ohio who would do it. I need the money and the time to travel there.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
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51-55, M
Jan 20, 2013