Im Just A Normal Teenager Living With A Chronic Illness.

Hello :)
I'm 16 years old, and I became severely ill with myalgic encephalomyelitis over a year ago when I was 15. I was staying at a friends as my mum and step dad were away, I woke up one morning with a cough, just a normal cough so obviously thought nothing of it. As we was walking to school (I loved school!) my cough started to get worse, but it wasnt a long walk so I just carried on. Half way there my cough got so bad I was pretty much choking, by the time we got to school things quickly got worse. I somehow managed to get to second lesson but was being sick in the toilets, unable to speak, stand for long unaided. My teacher immediately asked another student to take me to the office and ask t be sent home but by the time we got there I couldnt breath and school called for an ambulance. My mum and step dad came home as soon as they heard how unwell I was, I was given steroids and a nebuliser and kept in hospital, nobody knew what was wrong with me and what was causing me to be unwell. After this I began to attend speach therapy because I could no longer talk, I was missing a lot of school and when I could go in had to have a scriber and reader because of cognitive problems. Soon I couldnt walk short distances or upstairs and was completely house bound. But this was nothing compared to what was soon going to happen. Pretty much completely bedbound, I soon had no movement in my legs, spine and very poo movment in my arms. I could not even move myself, my mum had to quit her job to become my full time carer, she washed me, changed me, gave me all my medications got me in and out of my wheelchair if I had any apointments. She was ultimetly my roch through this horrible time. Things got to the point where I could no longer even brush my teeth myself, I started to get depressed and wondered what the point in life was. I had very little communication with the outside world, couldnt speak, move, let alone walk. I can honestly say if it wasnt for my mum I dont know if I would be where I am today. My sister started working at sure start and by pure chance we heard about the perrin centre, in September I started treatment there and you would not believe I was even the same person I can now speak properly, wash and cloth myself, even walk short distances. I have a long way to go but I know I will get there :) before getting ill, I have a modelling and casting agent, I know that I will persue my dream to be an actress and do everything I ever dreamed of and more.
Hope for M.E patients is far within our reach xxx
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Jan 20, 2013