They Were Wrong For Years!!!!!!

well for the last 6 years i have had multiple mri's, blood work, ekg's, emg's and lumbar puncure! they had told me i had a thyroid problem, bells paulsy, and MS! i had 4 doctors tell me i had MS! well they were wrong! i got sent to UofM and within 2 visits they knew i had Myasthenia Gravis! 6 years of BS testing because they wouldnt listen to me or open their eyes! GEEZ!!!! now its just trial and error with meds to see what works for me!!!!!!! i was told the kind of MG i have Mestinon may not work... is there anyone out there with this problem?
my symptoms:
droopy eyelid, double vision, trouble moving face muscles, trouble talking (my pallete dont move), voice change, trouble swallowing!
ashleylargent072510 ashleylargent072510
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2012

What we have is often referred to as a snowflake disease. No two cases are alike. I too was young when I first got “sick”. You should go to Daily Strength. <br /> <br />
They have an awesome support group with a bunch of people who know what we are going through. <br />
P.S. June is MG awareness month! <br />
<br />
Good luck. We can beat this. Fighting over 25 years and not giving up! :)

Beautiful story<br />
But really<br />
I did not understand anything of it<br />
With my love for you

i am getting plasmapheresis monday has anyone else had it done if so what was it like what did it do for u

Beautiful story
But really
I did not understand anything of it
With my love for you