Myastenia Gravis And Genetic Predisposition

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I am new to your wonderful forum and I am at my wits ends. I am afraid and I am not getting ANY answers except running into a brick wall, what makes it worse, I a RN, I still can't get information. Please any and all comments, information, suggestions are welcome and I guess I am scared and frustrated. I have even asked my mother's neurologist says that she can't talk to me directly regarding myself and my primary doctor doesn't want to investigate further because I am I not suffering any "obvious concerning" MG symptoms and won't authorize a referral to a neurologist/MG specialist. GGGRRRRRRRR......

HISTORY: I am a 39 year old female who has been diagnosed with psorasis, psoractic arthritis and rhuematoid arthritis, all immunological disorders. Lately I have been experiencing increased fatigue and what appears to be a lower immune response to diseases (getting sick WAY MORE, going septic from a strep infection WHILE ON ANTIBIOTICS) and more severe allergic reactions (5 anaphalactic reactions to one dose of 500mg of Keflex)

FAMILY HISTORY: My mother at 78 was diagnosed with Myastenia Gravis via a Myastenia Gravis crisis which involved 8 weeks in the hospital. She too was diagnosed with psorasis, psoractic arthritis and rhuematoid arthritis prior to her MG diagnosis. My mother has been stabilized, discharged home (I live 5 townhouses away), is on 240 mg daily of mestinon, 2000 mg daily of cellcept and monthly IVIG treatments.

My question is: It is obvious that my mother and myself are suffering from various immunological disorders, I am concerned that because I am trending JUST LIKE MY MOTHER, am I at risk for getting MG? I have done research and it seems as though MG is not a genetic linked disorder, but I can't stop the feeling that I am at risk and from my recent history, my immune system is apperantly and obviously wacked out.

Thanks in advance for your help and responses and I apologize for this thread being so long.....

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Hi I been diagnosis with MG now for 17 yrs and its not genetic not that I know of! I'm in the hospital now as I speak taking my Ivig treatments getting ready for my surgery wed I have gallstones so I'm getting my gallbladder taking out! I also do chemo as a treatment been doing chemo since 99 how many others do chemo! I've did over 150 plasmapheresis treatments I take a 180 mestinon 4 times a day! I tried taking cellcept but I'm allergic to it! I'll throw this out there to everybody sulfa, cipro, levaquin will flare up our MG in case you all didnt know! And also did you all know that MG awareness month is in June and our Ribbon color is Teal! And it takes 10 Years for a person to actually see results from have their thymus gland removed! If you all wanna know anything else feel free to ask!

There is no evidence that MG is genetic. Having said that. I know a woman in an MG support group who has it as do both of her daughter. The fact is, They just dont know enough about it. Im in a support group over at There are tons of myasthenics with a wealth of first hand knowledge. They are great people and I'm sure they can answer any questions you might have. Check MGFA also. They have tons of resourses also. Some people have a very hard time getting a diagnosis.