Bacteria In Showerheds

Thomas LaPorta and Susan Jacoby are the inventors of The Just Routine Showerhead Clean device and system.
While watching the morning Today Show a segment came on stating that “Showerheads Can Harbor Bacteria”. Susan being very conscious of her health and a clean home asked me to look at our showerheads, I did and what I found actually startled me. Calcium Buildup, Mold and yucky other stuff that was not appetizing at the least. So I ran to the computer and researched “Bacteria in Showerheads” and could not believe what I was reading. Comes to be that in the UK it is MANDITORY for all public facilities to remove their showerheads once each month and sanitize them. With this new found information I quickly researched “How to Clean your Showerhead” Hundreds of pages came up and they all said to 1- Remove your showerhead, 2- Soak it in vinegar, 3- Scrub it to remove calcium, 4- soak it in a sanitizer and 5- replace the showerhead.
So I did it that day as prescribed and directed by Susan. When I soaked it in the vinegar all kinds of nasty, gunky things came out and I thought “this is what I have been putting my face and lungs to every morning”??? The thought of taking down 2 showerheads once a month sparked the invention and system you see here today. I was not going to take 2 showerheads off once a month and now I don’t have to.
Sue was diagnosed with DVT resulting in 3 pulmonary embolisms in her left lung which studies show claims 400,000 lives a year so knowing that she is susceptible to lung infections I wanted to be sure I could provide her with the best possible health climate.
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Aug 6, 2010