On the 24th of may 2012 was the day my world was turned upside down. .My journey on this road began just over 7 months ago aged just 27. It was Just like any other day went to my doctor for a check up everything looked all good. My doctor also decided to sent me off for a blood test.the rest of the day went on like normal. Until about 4pm when i get a phone call from the doctors office telling me i need to come in right away.After hearing that word leukemia everything went blank couldn't hear or see anything. I was sent up to the hospital right away. I had a biopsy the next day.After spending the next 4 days in hospital I was sent home until they got my test results back. that 2 weeks was very hard and very long. The past 7 months have been very hard trying my hardest to stay positive but sometimes even that is just too hard to do
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Is there anyone one here with myelofibrisis thats is in New Zealand will be good to be able to talk to some =one face to face that lives near me that is going through the same as me