My Son Was Diagnosied 3 Years Ago At The Age Of 3 1/2

I am a mother of a 6 1/2 year old who was told he has myoclonus-dystonia at age 3. it was very hard to understand what that meant. im am very worried about his future and what to expect. as of now we have him off all medicine, tried primadone for 2 years with no help. We decided it was best to keep him off everything until it is needed because he is so young. He has a hard time writing but works as hard as he can, also is unable to drink from a cup without a straw and lid. I would love to talk with someone who is dealing with the same thing to maybe learn what I can do to help him and know what his future might be. thank you for listening. -Michele
mrsprice4life mrsprice4life
Jan 21, 2013