Help For My Son

 My son is 9 yrs old and is Very strong. He has very definded muscles and even though he is 61 lbs can carry me - 153lbs around. He thinks it is cool to pick me up in front of everyone. However, the Drs. are concerned about his BMI it is 15. No matter what we get him to eat we cannot put any body fat on him. Other then the large muscles in his arms and legs he is all bony. We have tried the high protien and the high fat diet. He currently has supplements of Carnation instant breakfast with ice cream and peanut butter. He was diagnosed with adhd and bipolar because of his aggression. I am wondering if it isn't more testosterone or possible this defect. Anyone know about this?

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4 Responses Apr 29, 2009

I am a physician also afflicted with this condition. I assure you that your child is in no danger of malady from this condition other than the possibility of early osteoarthritis.

By the way, he is 11 yo now. Hos strong is he right now ?

If the myostatin deficiency is causing it, the lack of body fat is NORMAL.... there is no harm at all ! <br />
Embrace his super strenght. Help him ENJOY it indeed, by doing playfull things with it, like picking up people more then twice as big as he is. ;-) <br />
Kids PLAY, well, if you've got a super muscular kid, strenght games will be most joyfull to him ! <br />
Don't take that fun away ! ;-)

My son has muscle tone issues due to a chromosome abnormality. Email me:<br />
<br />
Brian Hollerith