I've Fallen And I Can't Move

         Hello my name is Kenny and this is my story. My troubles with narcolepsy started close to 4 years ago and like many of us it started with extreme sleepiness. I mean no matter how long I slept i would feel tired again in no time. Then after 2 weeks of this and seeing doctors to no avail cataplexy set in on me. So any how I spent the next 6 months visiting doctors and crawling on the floor cause the catplexy was so bad i could only take a few steps before i collapsed. Finally I got a diagonosis of narcolepsy. This left me trying different treatments until i finally found one that works pretty good for me. I suggest to everyone don't give up ,do the research and experiment with your meds till you find the right combination for you,also make sure you see a doctor that specializes in narcolepsy and other sleep diseases. One more thing keep an eye out for the nasal drug orexin it could be the big cure for us.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

What meds are you taking for it ?