Drivers License Confusion

I am very frusterated. I live in Kentucky and in this state there is no requirements for the doctor to notify the DMV about PWN. My husband just got offered a job in MS and I don't want to move there if it means that I will lose my license. I have called the DMV and a couple of sleep clinics and no one seems to know the answer. How is this possible? I have looked everywhere online and no answers. It would be nice If there were some kind of website showing the laws for each state.
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I also live in KY. My grandmother & mother also had narcolepsy. I'm also deaf but "well" in the "hearing world. Also when finally properly diagnosed the medication made a world of difference & driving wasn't ever an issue. However, upon my mothers death Feb 2008, mom's family had hated me so long for being deaf & of my narcolepsy bitc#*ed "all I did was sleep" & resorted to taking away, throwing away hearing devices & med for narcolepsy along with everything I owned for 50 years, taking/leaving my canine hearing service dog & to another county leaving us on a concrete floor with nothing but the clothes on my back. They eventually worked towards my not being able to have vehicle insurance. My service dog & I came to Frankfort homeless & in hopes the Kentucky Comission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing could help. Their interest was only to "commit me" for being deaf & having narcolepsy. A wonderful social helped me out & I was able to keep vehicle insurance. As far as getting a drivers lisence I haven't a clue how that would've resulted since my battle still going on to regain narcolepsy med is still being done & just of last few months I've been able to get what Medicaid allows me but it isn't what I was prescribed for 13 years & now am battling the severe side effects. It isn't easy trying to "catch up with life" in 1 month what hasn't been available for 7yrs & I was 50 yrs old when everything was ******** from me. If you find out what options are concerning drivers lisence I'd like to know. Far as I know KY doesn't prohibit being able to have & to drive but it's the doctors that write "you can't drive" that are causing prevention & it's scary knowing many with narcolepsy are not seeking treatment just out of fear of losing that privilege when like any other illness requiring medication makes driving possible.

Does anyone know the laws in Ohio and Michigan? Are these laws specifically made for falling asleep at the wheel?<br />
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I have narcolepsy with cataplexy and my neurologist told me I have to go 6 months without cataplexy attacks in order to be able to drive. I just got my license last April, totaled one minivan (her fault, not mine!) and love driving more than anything. I'm like literally going crazy without my car! If my neurologist never notified the DMV though... I should be set! Would I get a letter in the mail or something? I promise that cataplexy while driving is NOT an issue for me, at all. I would never drive if I knew my cat-attacks would cause a problem.<br />
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Thank you so much.

I followed your suggestion and it looks like I will be fine. Thank you.