I'm 19 With Narcolepsy

Well for one, I've had narcolepsy for about 4 years now, so i'm pretty much over the whole sadness ordeal about the disorder. I'm in college and it still makes things difficult for my grades(parents still think i don't try) but as far as socially, it's straight. I am big into the nightlife (i'm a dj) so narco doesn't really have an effect there. What I do want though is to meet and talk to people my age or around my age with narcolepsy. you can Facebook me at (Sam lebronflakajames Macnerland).
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Hi im 19 and ive had narcolepsy for about 5 years. I still dont understand the whole thing but i no what it is. What medication are you on? Ive never really spoke to anyone with narcolepsy but would be nice to talk to some one who understands what im talking about.

Facebook: Sam doodooheaddummy macnerland
email: wildabeast21@yahoo.com

Facebook me if you wanna chat about itttttttttt