Take It In Stride

I just finished my Sophomore year of college, and I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy three months ago. I've been extremely sleepy since I was born (sometimes sleeping in excess of 20 or more hours a day). Throughout high school I was an excellent student and earned a D1 golf scholarship, so my parents just thought I was a typical sleepy teenager. My family even used to joke around by saying things like, "Are you sure you don't have narcolepsy or something?" Yeah, real funny.... Because I obviously want to be sleepy all the time, that makes sense...
During the fall semester of my sophomore year, I started to develop symptoms such as sleep paralysis and cataplexy. My parents thought I was just being over dramatic until one night my mother actually saw me have an attack with sleep paralysis. She was convinced I had a brain tumor or something, so she took me to the hospital the following day. The next week I was admitted for a sleep study, then boom... I'm a Narcoleptic. Definitely not what I was expecting from the entire ordeal, but better than a tumor I guess.
I'm on medicine now, and it has definitely helped a lot. My GPA has rose to a 3.4 and I recently made the NAIA All-Conference golf team. I even plan on pursuing a career in Behavioral Psychology to help other people who suffer from Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. I think everything happens for a reason. Yes, I have Narcolepsy. It doesn't define me, it has given me a purpose to help other people like me. God gave me this disease for a reason, so all I can do is trust in His decision and take it in stride.
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You're a very brave person for dealing with narcolepsy through high school. Thankfully my symptoms didn't hit hard until my freshman year of college. Don't be nervous about college!!! It's a lot easier... you make your own schedule which means you can take breaks for naps or whatever you need. I'm glad to hear there are other people interested in behavioral psychology. We need all the help we can get!!! :)

this was an inspiring post for me, so thank you. I too have narcolepsy. I'm 18 and going into my senior year of high school. narcolepsy has been very hard for me, ive felt syntoms since my freshman year, but was diagnosed the summer going into my junior year. I also have hypnagogic hallucinations. School have been really hard for me the last three years, and I only have one more until college, which is really scary for me. I too want to be a behavioral psychologist and help others with narcolepsy. I guess I just wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm, not many people ive met with narcolepsy have it..

Well, you definitely shouldn't give up on anything you want to do, whether it be academically or anything else. I also struggled my first year of college, I had a 1.6 GPA. Be patient and work hard; everything will fall into place :]

I've also just finished sophomore year. I was diagnosed with bipolar II in freshman year when I had a major episode. In the past, I had been diagnosed with simple partial seizures instead. I wish I was doing as good as you : P I'm a pretty smart guy if I don't say so myself, It's just that at the end of high school, my grades and emotions just dropped. I'm struggling through college and I've kinda given up some dreams academically to do something i'm actually good at, although I don't enjoy it much. Who knew I could get a 106%, top of the class in a computer science class but completely fail all my writing courses? Anyways, I too believe God gave me this disease for a reason and I also wanted to pursue psychology. I guess i'll have to see how it goes : P For now you'll take my place in psychology : )