The Doctor Says I May Have Narcolepsy.

   I just saw a sleep specialist who suprised me by saying he thought I may have narcolepsy.  I have always been into my sleep and never feel as if I have had enough.  My friends always made jokes because I could not stay awake at the drive-in or anything that was after about 9pm.  When I came home from the doctor and ran this idea past those who are close to me, they all said no way!  Narcoleptics just fall asleep anywhere.  While I have fallen asleep waiting in offices and almost always took a nap at lunch if I could squeeze it in, I don't just fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.  I do fight daily to stay awake and often times feel as if I am just waiting until time to go to bed.  I thought I must have apnea and just not be getting enough sleep at night.  I have to schedule my sleep study as soon as I can fit it in my schedule. 
way2tired way2tired
Jun 11, 2012