New To This Whole Narcolepsy Thing.

Being as I have just now recently been diagnosed there are still many thing I do not know or understand yet about narcolepsy. Does anyone else have frequent migraines? Does that tie in with narcolepsy? Yesterday I had a migraine that was so bad I took my fioricet 3 times throughout the day and it didn't even take the edge off the pain. This morning a still had a slight migraine but feel much better. Also my doctor put me on Provigil but the cost for me would be like 130 a month. I am a mother of 3 and the main provider in my household so that is way out of my budget. Is anyone else on a cheaper alternative? I just want to be able to have somewhat of a normal life. I want to have the energy to get up in the morning and clean the house and cook for my kids and do all the things a normal wife and mother do. Right now as it is I'm so tired all the time and spend the majority of my time sleeping then I have a full time job so unfortunately my husband gets left with most of the house work on top of taking care of the kids as I work second shift. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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I too have frequent headaches, and Narcolepsy. Many times its a dull constant pain but can turn into migraines. To help treat them I take excedrin it works the best for me as far as over-the-counter relief. However, I took Provigil for awhile and the reason I stopped is because it gave me horrible headaches, and like gitters. I take Adderall now and have been for the past five years. It works great but like any drug there are always downsides but this has helped me the best out of everything I have tried, and caused the leased bothersome side effects for me. I also take ambien at night to help me sleep through the night and try to live a "normal" schedule by taking adderall during the day. As far as expense goes, I know they have a generic for Adderall, which I take, but it still could be kind of costly.

Adderall is what my doctor decided to put me on. I have to take it twice a day. You are right there are some downsides to taking it. Like when its wearing off I get mild headaches

Also sometimes I seem to get a sore throat but i dont really know if that has to do with the adderall. Did they put excedrine back on the market because I haven't been able to find it anywhere in months. I have been using the generic for of excedrine though and it seems to help better than my prescription pain medicine.