Lazed And Confused

Okay, so I may have been trying to be punny with the title (perhaps I tried a bit too hard,) because while I am confused, I am NOT just lazy. Although if you had asked anyone in my family before yesterday, they would have said I was. I'm gonna start from way back when... So, if you wanna stop reading now, go ahead.
When I was barely out of my mom's stomach, my parents got a divorce. So growing up, I was raised in two homes. The first was with my mom. She never laid a hand on any of us. (I have a sister and a brother) She wasn't a pushover but we never had any reason to want anything we didn't have already. So, in a stark contrast, my father was pretty bad. He was verbally and physically abusive to my brother and sister. He never hurt me physically, because my brother would always take the worst of it. When my sister was in first grade she told us, and my mom that he had sexually abused her since she could remember. This really wasn't much of a shock to us, but for some reason the judge let my sister live full time with my mom. This meant that my brother and I had to still live with him on Wednesdays, weekends, all summer, and on minor holidays.
He got a lot worse after that, and he was basically on full hate mode for my brother, and he spoiled me. I was unable to sleep at night without my brother in the room and this went on till I was 12 and he was 17. One day I made the mistake of telling him that I'd just take a shower "when I got home." He got so angry that he balled up his fist and was about to punch me, but he swung around and punched a hole in the wall. My brother could now drive so he told my dad that we were leaving and not coming back. So, we did.

At 12, my mom started taking me to see a counselor. The counselor said I had post traumatic stress disorder. Everyone I went to seemed to have a similar diagnosis. I apparently had anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc. I told my mom I wasn't and thankfully she kept on believing me. Meanwhile, I basically slept through my life, and had horrible nightmares.
About a year ago(15 years old) I met my current counselor. I have been able to speak completely freely with her, and I love talking to her. About two months ago she mentioned that I could have a something called narcolepsy. I had heard of it. I immediately told her that's impossible. I thought narcolepsy was just when you spontaneously collapse right where you are and fall asleep. She explained that that was a stereotype and, while that does happen, I show a lot of common symptoms. She asked if I was interested in getting a sleep study and I told her that I was as long as there were no needles involved! So a month later, I spent the night in a VERY plush, hotel-ish, hospital room, and they hooked me up to all these little nodes. About five on my face, two on my chest, two on my back, two on each leg, and about five or six in my actual hair. I also had a heart rate monitor on my finger(clip on, no needle or anything) and a tube up my nose(very slight discomfort.) I was informed that they had hidden cameras in the room and that they'd be watching me. I was a little nervous falling asleep but I counted down from 100 and eventually I fell asleep. The next day they woke me up with breakfast I had picked out the night before and they removed the nodes from my legs and the tube from my nose. The rest of the day I took a series of naps every two hours for about thirty minutes. It was a little bit like torture, but it was finally done. They said to schedule an appointment to get my results. I left and was sleepier than I ever had been before. So, the appointment was yesterday. The doctor was extremely nice, but it was also extremely hard to understand his accent(sorry, just had to include that) he told me that I really did have narcolepsy and after all of this time it was a welcome diagnosis. He gave me some sample pills for something... I forget the name right now, and one of those vibrating alarm clocks for free. This morning I used the alarm clock to wake me up at ten, and as much as I was exhausted, I was also excited about trying the medicine. And I am VERY PLEASED to tell everyone on here that: I am 16 years old, I am a Christian, I grew up with an abusive father, I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, I have not fallen asleep at all today, and I feel more alert than I ever have.
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