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I have narcolepsy-no cataplexy but all the other fun things that go with it.Like putting your keys in the fridge,falling asleep at a rock concert,running in the other room because i'm sure someone was yelling for me and no one's home,etc.I have a question-anyone else struggle with housework?I was never martha Stewart but now I'm overwhelmed.My husband is so mad at me he screams constantly.He says he's embarassed to have people over because we live in squalor.To put it in perspective-the laundry gets done but not always put away,sometimes my kids have to help me out,my kids always have healthy meals and get bathed but sometimes the toys don't get picked up or the dishes sit 'till the next morning.I don't have bugs,the trash gets taken out,the kitchen floor is clean but sometimes everything doesn't get picked up or i don't get around to dusting.Am I the only one?Am I a lazy narcoleptic using my illness as a crutch.P>S. I also have a broken foot and back problems.

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It sounds like your husband doesn't understand Narcolepsy at all. He should try walking a day in your shoes and see if he gets anything accomplished. Whenever someone in my life actually takes the time to ask me what it's like, I tell them this: "Try staying awake for a whole weekend. Start Friday night. No rest for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night even...then try going to work/school on Monday only relying on five hour energy shots."<br />
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That usually gets people's attentions. They then go from complaining about your laziness to being amazed with the sheer ability you have to prevail. However, I can't promise that they won't forget what you've just taught them and go right back to judging you. Some people are just like that.<br />
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I hope you get some peace of mind soon.

Laundry is an issue in a lot of homes. We all work too much to keep things caught up at home, especially if you have kids and trying to do it all with Narcolepsy. My husband fusses about the dishes all the time but dishes are the least of my worries when it comes to my health and I'm not the only ones who eats out of them...I use a paper plate most of the time. :) There is a book online that helped me a lot. It's NARCOLEPSY "A funny disorder, but not a laughing matter". I wish everyone would read this. My husband doesn't want to read a book or pamplet so I'm not stressing over dishes at this moment. (It's usually only the pampered chef stones that have to be handwashed and it's a big deal to him)He is a good person and helps out a lot, he works all the time. He says he understands, but really he doesn't. I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'd love to be. I love to decorate and be clean and organized but with Narcolepsy and sleep attacks, you're not able. The things not being put in place is what bothers me and the laundry not put away but I just have to overlook it sometimes and pray my family will try to realate to me. If it were cancer or some other disease, they would be doing everything to help that person or educate themselves on it.

my daughter is in the middle of being diagnosed with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and she is only 6, do you know of any other suuport groups?xx