Can't Cope With My Narcolepsy At Work

I've been diagnosed with narcolepsy & cataplexy for several years now. I'm one of the lucky one as it's not too severe, but it's still there present in everything i do. I've allways just worked part time but now have increased my hours to allmost full time as i am in so much debt at the moment i need the money to pay the bills.

It's only a cleanning job in a old people's home, but i was really worried about taking the job on in case i couldn't cope. But my mother-in law who also works there too reassured me that the work load isn't too much. There's 3 cleanners on everyday and they all have only have 9 rooms each to sort out.

That was fine until our boss retired, in with a new one, she said that 3 cleanners was too many and should be cut down to 2 cleanners only increasing it to about 14 rooms each instead. Then comes people's holidays / off sick leaving me with the whole 28 rooms to do on my own.

I can't cope even when there is another cleanner on. I am SO tired, i keep making up excuses to myself & other people as to why i didn't have time to do such and such thing, (like dusting's someone's bedroom or even getting the hoover out!) It doesnt help when i work with people who are so energetic they have to take tablets to slow them down!

I have spoken to my boss about it and she asked me why it is that every1 else can cope execpt me. I explained about the narcolepsy (wich she & everyone else knew when i started the job nearly 4 years ago now) and she answered that she isn't going to get more staff on the days that i'm on just because i'm not fast enough.

I don't want to be sat at home on benefits, but at the same time it's so obvious that i can't cope, don't know if increasing my provigil would be a good idea?

Thank you 4 reading, i hope people will comment as i am really desperate 4 an answer.

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I have narcolepsy too. I am 20 years old unemployed and a mom of handsome 8 month old boy. Hels a handfull his daddy works 3rd shift so time together is limited. That leaves me watching baby dreading for a nap or a break. Usually when meds start wearing off and I start having that feeling like someone shot morphine in the back of my head, ill try anything. When I get scared its like an instant booster and id feel like I wasn't even tired, but it that booster wears off fast. Another booster is my ipod filled with loud rock music. The loudness in bursts helps. When I need a little booster I say that my brain needs a little stimulation. If I don't have access to my headphones but I have to stay awake screaming oryellling singing abnoxius songs is a last resort. You know for the loudness. With the cataplexy, I have to sit or hold on to someone while I laugh so I don't fall. Even if I eat something really good. I remember I lost control of my legs then passed out all because of one of my friends home made cookies. My stimulant is focalin I quit taking xyrem after a combination of being incoherent lost and having to use the bathroom. I would like to try the provigil or nuvigil though.

You might want to try "Nuvigil". I had been taking Provigil for 16 years. (I was in the study before it came out.) I had been so tired of dragging my butt around before Provigil.<br />
So far though Nuvigil seems to have me much more alert.

How much Provigil do you take?My Narcolepsy is really bad. I was started off with 1 200mg. and that lasted about 4or 5 hrs.Then my DR. put me on 2, 1 when I wake up and other at noon. That was much better for a few wks. My memory was so bad still. My Dr. told me many of his patience take adderal also That was added with the Prov. in the morning. That was wonderful!I could think so clear. I guess to clear cause the depression soaked in . I had more bills than before,how can someone not suffer with depression living with this illness.You need to keep going with your med. until you can feel closer to normal.Good Luck, tbo29