My Life Was Consumed With Sleep.....

Let me start this off by saying I was a freshman in High school When this finally was recognized.

Most of my life I've been a hyperactive child. One moment I'm up, the next I'm down. My mom kinda knew I had ADHD. I never stopped moving. But my life soon hit a point where I developed a critical problem that would sufficiantly change me. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder but it was extream. The more medication I took, the worse I became.

I went so far as to trying to kill myself multiple times in sadistic ways and less painful ways. I thank my  brother and my mother and my friends for saving me every time.

I am better now by the way..

When it was noticed I just started high school. I usually sleep in class all the time but my mom thought it was because I stayed up late before a school night, which by the way I'd go to bed at 11 or 11:30ish. I always thought the same. I could never stay awake. I'd fall asleep and it became impossible to wake me sometimes.

But I started to go to bed early, around 10, as soon as I started high school. Yet, I was so tired during the school day. The first half of that year I'd just go to bed at 9 and wake up and be so tired and sleep during my classes. Teachers would complain and I'd even get in trouble to the point where I'd be sent home during the school day. My dad would get so pissed off about it, thinking I was staying up late, and Force me to stay up all day during the day when I'd be sent home. It was impossible to stay awake.

I just couldn't hold back.

By sophmore year, It was just too ******* much. I'd go to bed as soon as I got home from school. My life was sleep. I was consumed. It was what I needed but I could never get it I felt. I would wake up, sleep on the bus, sleep during my classes, and go home and sleep. I wouldn't even eat.

My weight started to drop. My mom knew there was something wrong with me but had no real way of addressing this. I became a walking zombie in school. At times, I would even forget where I was and where I was walking to. I would be walking upstairs to chemistry and turn a corner, fall into a haze and think I was in the downstairs area going to history class.

My mom thought maybe It was my depression and the medications I was taking. We talked to my doctor. I ended up having to take multiple tests of all sorts of ****. But then a "episode" happened.

I was walking right out of class and I fell over and was asleep.

Everyone was shocked. When I woke it was the most horrid thing I could see and feel from inside myself.


All these eyes staring at me. All these people giggling as I shifted and desks pulled aside, my teacher was trying to give me cpr. I felt so horrible.

But fortunantly the class I was in was Health. The health teacher started to recognize my symptoms and contacted my doctor and was able to give some of my symptoms. Then I had to go through sleeping tests.

I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

All these years of being sent home, getting yelled at by my dad, people assuming I was lying when I said I slept all the time and got enough sleep at night, and teachers kicking me out of class and embaressing me over sleeping was like a kick in the teeth and a self esteem twister.


Once I was diagnosed, I started to take medications. I would sleep at night, stay up during the day like I should. But I would still have the occasional fall over and sleep.

What was the hardest was the boyfriends. They all said they understood and that they could handle and/or deal with it. But that was never the case. Most of them couldn't deal with the issue at all. They would often make fun of me for it to their friends after they broke up with me.

But I'm ok now. I guess all of this has made me a better person in the long run. I now have a boyfriend who loves me. He ..literally...always catches me in his arms as I fall on the right moments. He's a good guy. This was my story. I have narcolepsy

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I'm going through just about the exact same thing. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy in June and have been trying different medication since. I've (mostly) figured how to live with it, but it still is driving me and my boyfriend apart. I'm made fun of for falling asleep all the time, especially since Narcolepsy is considered a "cartoonish" disease. On top of my 9 meds a day (three of which are Ridilin), I'm taking 5-hour energy's and monster energy drinks AND I go to sleep immediately when I get home. What should I do as far as my relationship and people making fun of me?

You're story is EXACTLY like mine. It's like we lived the same life. I've added you as a friend.

A beautiful Story. Im glad you found someone who can be there for you!