I Believe I Have Narcolepsy

I have been experiencing extreme sleepiness during the day for many years now.  In fact,  I can even remember a time when I used to regularly fall asleep in class when I was at high school.  I always put it down to being a teenager, I'm 37 now... and in the last five years when I have literally fallen unconcious in meetings, at my desk etc ..  most commonly in an afternoon but occasionally in a morning too, I put it down to being a busy working mum.   About three years ago I had a weird experience for about a month, where as I was just falling asleep I heard a rushing, static noise in my ears that shook me awake,, this used to happen three or four times a night before I would finally fall asleep.  I have also had  a strange experience one night, where as soon as i started to fall asleep in bed, I would dream I was dropping off at work (it happens so often) and I could not let myself go to sleep.  This happened over and over like groundhog day until I finally fell asleep.  

Anyway, as I said,  I put my extreme sleepiness down to being a busy working mum.  I have a demanding job and three children, two of which are teenagers.  one of my teenagers has ADHD so life can be quite hectic.   However, about a month ago I was walking down the stairs at work with two friends,  and one of them made me laugh.   I nearly fell down the stairs because my knees went all weak and funny.  It happened again a few times at home.. every time someone made me laugh unexpectedly when standing up i went all weak at the knees.   It happened again at a friends house .. and another friend of hers was there... and when I told them about this weird feeling the friend of a friend told me about a girl at her high school who had narcolepsy and had the same experiences when she laughed.   I kind of dismissed it but curiosity made me look up narcolepsy on the internet.  I was shocked to see that I tick all the boxes for the symptoms of narcolepsy.  I am convinced that I have this .. but how do I convince my doctor to refer me for tests?  Im scared I will be laughed at. 

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I went directly to a sleep consultant group. I skipped my regular doctor and went straight to the specialist. I told him that I had done some research and it seemed as if I could have narcolepsy. And to my surprise, he said, you probably do. Then he set me up with a sleep study. It's official, I have it.<br />
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So my advice...just find a sleep specialist and go straight to them. They won't laugh. Good Luck!