So They Are Nasal Polyps....

       I've recently confirmed with a Dr. that I have nasal polyps. For the past two and a half years, I've suffered with constant allergies and slowly loss of smell. Present day I'm now 18 and I have NO sense of smell and very little sense of taste. I struggle with asthma as well. I can't breathe in or out of my nose. I've gone to two different doctors over the years to stabilize my allergies and asthma symptoms. I'm on a new diet to try to control my food allergies and make my body healthier to try to fight off the environmental allergies. I've only found a few results in doing this. So after being frustrated with everything, I looked into all different kinds of reasons why I was struggling with this. Google finely led me to Nasal Polyps. I had no idea what they were, but I researched it and YouTube it. I was really freaked out that I could have this! I wanted to go see a doctor about what was going on, and I finely did. He said I'll have to get the surgery for it. It's costing my parents financially a lot to go through it, but after a few more doctor visits I’m finely getting the surgery! I'm so excited, and very scared too. I thank God I'm finely going to be able to talk right without sounding sick all of the time, to be able to smell the scent of lavender, and to taste what food should really taste like! J


This whole time I thought I was alone on this, but now I know there's a lot who are/have suffered like me. Whoever reads this, thank you for just listening. I haven’t ever had anybody to just vent to, I feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone anymore.


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2 Responses May 12, 2012

They developed in me back in 04. Like u i cant smell and my taste sucks. I'm always nebbing and using my inhaler. Ive had 2 surgeries and yes they grew back. Ive been told by an allergist in miami i need to get Aspirin desensitization done and thatll help me. I didnt know the sugar thing would work. Gotta try that lol

Hi, You are definetely not alone! I had nasal polyps for ten years, and literally tried every remedy + operation I could. If you have the op, I assure you, they will come back. This is all you need to know: I cut SUGAR out of my diet (IN ALL ITS FORMS: BREAD, CAKE, SWEETS, COLA'S ETC) and after four weeks, they had COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! Its very hard to do, but i havent looked back. Good luck :-)

They really really disappeared? Cuz if so i wanna try it. Im sick of being sick