But My Husband Does. ...

But My husband does. His family is from the Cherokee band that split from the Trail of Tears and moved into East Texas. He is very proud of his Native American heritage. His Cherokee name is Two Hawks. We often see two hawks flying around us. They tend to follow him and he believes they are his spirit guides.  Very Cool!!!
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I very much relate to that. I notice many times there are hawks or falcons above me...even while driving...i look up and there they are..I always speak to them and bless them....

This sent shivers down my spine. I was raised in the 40's, and when the teacher would ask us to come in the next day with out linage, my father got really mad. He said we were Yankees, meaning USA citizens. Somewhere in our background is native American blood, but I sense that there was a time when people might have been ashamed of it. I am so envious of people who know from what tribe they sprang, but I'll probably never know as most of the oldsters have died out. I am proud that we have American Indian blood, but would sure like to know which tribe. Times change. Today it is something to be proud of. I have heard it said that natives have a hard time with alcohol, their systems don't handle it and in our family, we do have a LOT of alcoholism. For what it's worth. Anyone else ever hear that?