I Have Native American Ancestors

I have Native American Ancestors on both sides of my family. My great grandmother on my mother's side was full blooded Cherokee Indian. I also recently found out that on my father's mother's side I have some Cheyenne Indian Ancestors as well. My mother has been researching our family tree through geneology research she has been doing. She found out that Pocohantas was one of our Ancestors.


It's so funny I read the comment on my story and she is right. I discovered later on that several people lay claims on being somehow related to Pocohantas. A relative told me that we were related to her but who knows really! I also notice alot of people claim to be related to the late singer Patsy Cline! You would not believe how many people have told me they are related to her!

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I have roots in the Cherokee as well. my great grandmother was full Cherokee from North Carolina. she married My great grandfather who was full Scott and that was on my fathers side. on my mothers side my Grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee who married a full Irish. I am still researching that side but it sure is fun to do. I have found that the research on the native side is a little more difficult.

"She found out that Pocohantas was one of our Ancestors"<br />
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Sorry, but you and everyone else.<br />
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PS. Her name was Mataoka