Trying New Things

Today I noticed my hair has been breaking off a lot so i decided to do a protein treatment on it to hopefully strengthen my hair but i put a different spin on it i drenched my hair in green tea first then i added my olive oil and 2 egg mixture. Now i have never done this before but im hoping that by drenching it in green tea 1st it will prevent hair loss as the protein treatment strengthens my hair wish me luck. :D
shaughnd09 shaughnd09
2 Responses May 6, 2012

Are you transitioning because there is going to be breakage during that time. If so I would suggest going ahead and doing your big chop. Another question is do you have dye in your hair? Hair dye depending on how it is applied can cause breakage. If you are completely natural and experiencing breakage, which is not common, I would recommend going to a professional and having someone look after your hair for you.

I think the treatment worked pretty well personally this one will be added to my collection of favorites