This Is My Natural Hair Journey

I've been natural for almost 18 years now, given the fact that I tried relaxers about two and  a half years ago. I wasn't trying to make a statement or anything like that. I was just tired of getting bald at the crown of my noggin and feeling bad about myself. I had given up on relaxers before I left for college in 1992, wearing my hair short.  I had a low fro and myself and others thought that it was really cute.  My Mom thought that I was crazy, probably because I tried to cut the relaxer out of my hair myself. Needless to say she had me go to a salon to have it done professionally.  Back then that Halle Berry short cut was what's up, so I got that. Since then my hair went from being two inches to 12 to 14 inches having the ends trim. I gound that for me it's easier and priceless to wear my hair this way. I don't have the finances to get treatments every so often,  so I may get it braided and beaded, pressed or just wear my natural curls out and out. I wear my afro blowed out big at times pulled back in a scarf.  I feel better this way, because if I tried to keep up my hair in relaxers, I'd be cutting into bill money. I rarely wear extentions because at the sight of dandruff I take my hair out within 1 week. Nowadays, I wear it tightly curled using products that are just for naturla curls.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

So how long have you been natural? I agree that natural hair is a lot cheaper than wearing permed hair. I spend like $7 a month. I used to spend like $75 a month maintaining permed hair.

Almost 20 years now. I try different things and I thought about getting it colored or streaked to add a little jazz to it.