Say No to Perms!

When I was younger and lived with my mother, she would "take care" of my hair. I would get a texturizer or perm every month. My hair was never long and shiny and straight. My father is from Panama and my mother is from Honduras. As a result, I have extremely thick and curly hair. No matter what my mother tried, there was just no way. As soon as I left my mom's house I went natural and I am never going back! I believe the only way to set down the path of truly loving myself is if I am myself. How can I be myself if I am constantly trying to cover up who I really am underneath a press and curl? So that is why I went natural, I think everyone should consider it.
Lamchops Lamchops
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I agree with you. Perms really warp the mind. There are a lot of effects that people fail to realize. There is nothing about the black hair that need to be altered and changed. Black hair is beautiful too and that should be embraced, not cause shame. In good hair Tracie Thoms said, "Natural hair is freedom." And that is so true. There is no greater freedom than to be completely at peace with your entire body.

True :) I'd love to know what half the girls in my college look like without straightening, curling and dying their hair (as well as the 20 la<x>yers of makeup and fake tan) ;)