Now They Tell Me!

I wasn't the only one in my elementry/middle school to have naturally curly hair but I was the only who go picked on because of it. They would say stupid **** like "You're hair look a brillow-pad." "Why is it so kinky?" "You shuld just shave it off." And for extra humilliation some of them would throw little spit-balls and staples in my hair and waite to see if i noticed.

So, naturally when i started high school I began straightening the **** out of my hair! I even used chemical relaxers. I thought I looked good and my friends all loved when I cut my bangs. They thought I had a "really hot, rocker chick edge" (thanx for that Laurie). But recently I started trying to get my curls back. EVERYBODY loves my curls! WTF! Infact, some of them are jealous of my curls. Like my boss, she told me she wished she had my type of hair her whole life. And all my friends, even a few random class mates of mine whine and say "I loved the curls." or "But the your curls looked so cute", when I decied to straighten it again.

Finally people love my hair and now I have to work to really get them back to what they used to be. It will be hard work but I'll get my curls back. Even I have to admit, when my hair is behaveing it does look really really good on me.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I used to get called bozo the clown, Andre the Giants sister, shockwave, you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket. Don't you brush your hair?

curly hair is awesome! like your boss, i've always been envious of people with gorgeous, natural curls. i think it's great that you're wearing your hair curly again. i'm jealous, lol! :)