Living Lusty And Loving Even Harder

I thrive off his lust,in fact, I crave it. I long to make his lustful desire stronger and stronger as every day passes. I want to make his blood boil and his lust rise so that he gives it all to me in so many ways. I long to be the only woman that can quench the flames of his desires. I long to look deep into his eyes and see carnal desire staring back at me. I can think of so many way of making him crazed with desire, feeling it pulse through him and into me. I long to hear the beating of his heart as I moan huskily in his ear. To have this powerful man want me is the greatest aphrodisiac on earth. When I set my mind to it there will be little he can do to control the needs deep within himself.  I have so many naughty fantasies that involve him that if we live 100 ore years we will never be able to accomplish the many things I dream about at night but he loves to hear about them and tries to make them reality for me.  I am a lucky woman.

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5 Responses Aug 8, 2010

It is awesome.

Thanks M2bf!<br />
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Griz, I hope I have a long life ahead of me but that it is full of life.<br />
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Thanks Jarazz.

arent you a poet and a naughty one at that. I think the same things sometimes >.<

you have your whole life ahead of you. You might think that he is the one for you but in your life you will think that about a lot of guys. Live a little more before you love enjoy yourself.

Singing a song that I'm very familiar with! I'm very happy for you.