There's This Girl I Know......

who is now married from what I hear but we used to live three doors down from her in our old apartment! She used to flash me if no one was around when I would walk by her back window on the way to the dumpster with the trash. I used to fantisize about ******* her and my wife at the same time! (she was ((and still is) bi BTW) She has the most wonderfully full and quite large set of **** that I have ever seen aside from my wife but hers are much more perky! I used to dream of sucking those **** while she was sitting on my wifes face! God I wish I could see her again! Oddly enough this pic for this group looks somewhat like her! that's what got me thinking about it and her!
wetmainefly wetmainefly
31-35, M
Aug 3, 2010