Well I have felt bad for a very long time, I feel I should never have even be born since the age of 6 I have been harrased by social services they have ripped my family to pieces half of us rarely talk to each other and social are trying to take my daughter off me next month for one mistake made 7 years ago I am at the point where I am done trying, I am tired of fighting them and I just want to die its getting worse by the day one minute I am happy the next I feel so far under it feels like I am never going to come back I can feel my strength fighting back but I don't think its strong enough to defeat this help me please
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That is truly awful. I don't know what I would do if I were in your situation.
There was a comment I read, a reply to one of your stories, the one about being there to scare her future bf before she goes off to prom. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, make yourself up, dust yourself off the ground and see this as an opportunity. I guess you can say that you have 16 years to make something of yourself so that when she comes looking for you, she'll be proud. Write a letter to her, one for every year on her birthday so that when she does come looking for you she'll know that she was always in your heart.
Offcourse all this is easier said than done and you must feel like you have nothing left. Don't let this situation get the better of you. Get a steady job, finish school, do things that would occupy your mind from the misery you face and before you know it you would have gotten through the worst stronger and better.

I sincerely do hope and pray things work out for you.

Its not just this situation that gets to me its everything I have been through and this time i just cant get up I have tried and tried but I simply cant I actually nearly cut my wrists this morning and its only a matter of time until I find something sharp enough.

Please don't! I'm at the airport reading this and I almost screamed "NO"!!
There must be something positive in your life, don't you want to see her grow up? Don't you want something for yourself?
Your views may differ from mine but I believe everyone is put here for a reason. I've had my fair share of rock bottom myself, used to cut myself in my teens too. I believe that everyone has that potential to get through it.

Please don't!

I won't see her grow up as she is not with me. I used to want to good but now I don't want any of it.

Then better yourself so that when she turns 16 you can look for her. Be some-one whom she would be proud of. You must have hope.

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No there is nothing I can do I have tried. She will be raised without my influence just because I made a few mistakes as a youngster. Now they have come back to taunt me. When she gets to 16 she will be allowed to come and find me if she chooses but for the next 16 years I will never see her.

Oh crap! Is there a way you can appeal or do something? Will you have a part in her life?
I apologise if my questions seem ridiculous to you, I ask because I don't live in the same country as you do and hence I'm unfamiliar with the laws.
Surely social services cannot delete you from her life, you are her biological father.

The social have now adopted my daughter there is nothing left for me now.

About someone trying to take your daughter away, I know how that feels, almost in the same boat. I think you're strong and brave enough for anything, having a child at such a young age means you must have done something right and I'm sure you're giving her all the love that is humanly possible. No matter what whoever says that is important.

I wish you all the luck in the world and I pray that you don't give up.
Take care.

It is good you are reaching out That means you still want to try. Using a writing site as an outlet may help you. It helps me.

It does take a slight edge of writing on here but the pain is too immense and overwhelming, consuming me in darkness.

Some day the child who was taken from you may very well look for you. Finding you could be exceedingly important. I searched for my birthparents. My birthfather and I had a significant relationship for 17 years before he passed away. Knowing him meant the world to me. There was no one else not even my birthmother who was like me intellectually. You never know what lies ahead or why you are here. Trust me I don't like being here too much either but I know there are people who need me and reasons I am here. The same is true for you.

Thank you I already have a solicitor but its not helping and I am dying inside my daughter is my whole world and if they take her I will be destroyed I have been physically, mentally and emotionally abused by my father and brothers as a kid and its all mounting up to one big mess

Your very young, and probably with limited financial resources..But if you haven't already, you need to talk to an attorney. There may be a way through legal aide, to get assistance. You might try going on line and seeing what you can find about legal aid in your area. Look up all situations that would give you some information concerning family law and custody issues.
I wish you well.