I have been told that what I have is neurodermatitis. I got it in the late 90's after a summer in the sun watching my kids play baseball- I thought it was sunscreen allergy or something like that at first. But it never went away- for 5 years! It was miserable. On both arms, then on one , it moved around. Intense "nerve" itch. Could not be satisfied with scratching and it only made it worse. Tried everything, you name it. Miraculously, with intense prayer, He took it away. Now here I am, 2 years later with a horrble case of it on my back. It came right after a really bad blistering sunburn. Same itch, same little white slightly raised welts that come and go, burning sensation. Nothing helps. It  interferes with sleep and daily joy. It makes me grouchy.getting hot makes it worse. I am convinced it was triggered by the sun. I read that that the nerve endings become irritated.

Does anyone out there think that the sun could trigger it? Have you done anything that helps? I am praying again, diligently. I can hardly take it.

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hi, i was told i have neurodermatitis. Rxs only help maginally.<br />
Should i find a new MD.? The bumps that form itch excruciatingly. then form a scab that does not leave. if i scratch(which i do) it bleeds profusely. Does this sound similiar?

I was diagnosed with neurodermatitis on my arm. However, mine does not look like the photos and was not caused by scratching! I DO think that mine is triggered by sun exposure, as it gets worse when I wear sleeveless tops and definitely flares up of its own accord. I too have had some on my back where I cannot reach it. The steroid creams just get the sores infected, so the best thing I do is keep it clean & use oatmeal cream on it to keep it from being dry. It never clears up completely. Guess I ought to try prayer!!

Some one very close to me had a similar condition. Only after praying constantly, did it stop. She had woke up one night to see a white figure pouring something on her. After that night, her condition had seized to exist. As much as this may sound unbelievable, I assure you... Every word is true.