I Always Asked Why

I'm fourteen right now and I got diagnosed with neurofibroma at the age of seven. I have had six surgeries and counting. So far I have got at least one surgery a year since 2010. At first I was really sad of knowing I got this I hated it but now I don't as much. I have type 1 mine is rate because I heard its. Genetic but I'm the only one in my family who has it. One August 5th 2010 I got the biggest surgery of so far my life. My spine where it all started the tumor grew so big it started to kick in to the nerves of my legs. I couldn't sleep, sit, or do anything. I just wanted to rip them apart. So far I'm still standing and all my surgeries have been a success, but I'm scared one day it won't.
Heyybabyx3 Heyybabyx3
Jan 5, 2013