I Was Afraid of Those I Might Have to Work With!



I got my first job when I was fourteen years and nine months old, when some one offered me work cleaning. From then till I had my first daughter fourteen years later I had so many jobs I dare not try to list them all. After my daughter was born I worked midyear and Christmas, for a couple of months at a time, as a tax payer. The rest of the time I spent at home as a mum and housekeeper/home maker.  I could never keep still even at home. I built gardens, sewed cloths, pulled motors out of motor cars and a wide variety of other things.

As my children got older I wanted to work more and get ahead in some way for their future. Suddenly I was spending large amounts of time with people at work and not a lot with my children. The way bosses used to speak to me when I was younger had not changed, but I had. It would seem that age had made me so much less tolerant to being spoken to rudely.

I started quitting jobs and looking for work elsewhere but found this rudeness everywhere I went. If it wasn't the bosses it was gossipers talking about my lifestyle.  Juvenile delinquent, lives at home in a small country town, single mother that never wed! I grew so tired of people who didn't take time to look around, because they were to busy looking down their nose at others or putting themselves on a pedestal.

I have never been afraid to work, I was afraid of those who I had to work with and for. They drove my desire to achieve greater things into a hole and without a support system it's a hole I have found hard to get out of. Getting out of it I learnt to read and spell, I didn't have to big a problem with writing. Most would not call that work but for me it was a real job getting to know again all the things that had been taught to me decades before.

Mother and home maker were the most important jobs for me. When it didn't work for me out there in the tax payer’s world, I began turning my life around by learning how to read and spell. I was so enthused to do so, the guy I was dating left because I spent to much time with my computer. Home maker, mother, computer/work; date didn't like forth place to that, so I stopped dating.

Now I’m WORKING at becoming a writer.

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1 Response Aug 8, 2007

It sounds like you have a great start. Best of luck to you.