But I Have Talked My Way Out Of A Lot Of Tickets!!

I think cops look sort of sexy!  I've always like uniforms!!    If they can't be naked...a badge and a gun are sort of a cool second place.  I have gotten stopped for speeding or a tail light being out and simple stuff like that and unless they nailed me on their radar machines I could usually say sorry and get off with a warning. It helps to be a smiley sort of girl!!

One time. wayyy before I knew hubs this one cop said he wouldn't write me up if I agreed to go to dinner with him.  So I did...I was 18 and didn't even need a ticket while driving  dad's car.  The cop was a sweet heart and I had a great time!  We had a terrific meal and then went dancing!  He was pretty good too. 

Just the other day, I got stopped again.....Here is the nice part of being married to a man who has had half the local law enforcement officers  take classes in his martial arts business.....The cop was one of the guys who took classes and he recognized me right off and let me go!!  Yayyyy!!

I drive slower, for the most part now.....but it was was nice to NOT get that ticket handed to me. 

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them cuffs aint so sexy when they slap them on and read you the rights. nether was the cop doing it. i have to learn to go about police from a new angle. :-/

Awwwww myaah.....I should have mentioned earlier....none of this works if there is a warrant out for you, no inspection sticker on your car and you're going 25 mph over the limit....Hugs and hugs....We TOTALLY gotta work on your techniques here.... :D

jacee, Go for it!! :D We girls gotta have our fun!! ♥

Hmmmm uniform, handcuffs and bent over the front of the car..............may have to consider speeding after all ;-)

Sie--<br />
Now that I have a deeper awareness of your attraction to police officers--<br />
I may take up--<br />
frisking you--<br />
on a far more regular basis. ;-)

YEAHHH BABY!! Don't forget those "cavity searches" either! Love em!! ;)

Ok, so I can't relate to this one? I just got my first ticket.<br />
The cop pulled me over, and before he even got to my window he had started writing the summons! What a jerk. I was pissed that he did not even ask for an explanation.<br />
He did the usual, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Well I said no! I had a broken tail light, but I don't think he saw that, so I did not want to offer up any info. <br />
So he says to me, I saw you talking on your cell phone at the red light. That was true. I got a call at the light, and told them I would call them back, I was driving. I hung up the phone, then the light changed and off I went. so $180 fine. I don't think I like cops much!

Depending on where you are, they can be sticklers for the phones....They need to be too cause a lot of folks don't have your sense to tell the caller you'll call back. I am sorry he was such a grump tho....Not all exchanges with the cops are fun.... :( Hugs for the fine...that sucks big time....:((

Guilty as charged. *blush* I have only paid one speeding ticket in my entire life...and that was when I was 17 and speeding in a school zone. The rest of the time I just smiled...laughed...apologized profusely...complimented the officer...and if all else failed...said I was visiting a sick friend. I have a lot of friends...so on any given day...the chances of me having one friend who has a cold or allergy symptoms is relatively high. But of course...this is my last resort tactic (only used once so far) for the real hard *** cops. What can I say? *shrugs* I like to go a bit over the speed limit most days...and I'm not a millionaire. :)

Done and stated like a true GIRL!! Well done Kassie!! :D

How cute, a lady judge gettin a lil on the side.... :D

nudist guy, that is odd.....I've always been happy when hubs finagled his way out of a ticket...Insurance rates climb with the moving violations now and who wants that??<br />
I think it was nice of the cop saw your own badge and you got to talk about work! Nice for him and you. Sad your wife couldn't just jump in and enjoy the exchange....

blackdiamond....Shoot me now....I laughed at that!! :D Good one!!

I'm cracking right up...I just got in and 3 pm's were sitting there ALL wanted to know if I slept with the cop I went to dinner with!! <br />
<br />
I did!! I never followed the rule of no sleeping with a guy till date 2 or 3 or whatever. I never dated men I didn't feel that certain little "spark" for. They had to look right, act right and talk right....I wouldn't even bother with guys that acted like azzholes or jerks. I never had any patience for that type...still don't for that matter!! :D <br />
<br />
I also never played guys for presents or what they would give me like some of the other girls I knew and STILL know. If I wanted a nice meal I could always go home my mom is a ROCKIN cook! Presents....I worked and could buy my own. Hubs can tell ya...I wouldn't let him give me presents for the longest time! <br />
<br />
So when I agreed to go to dinner with the cop he'd already passed my inspection and I'd decided he'd be fun between the sheets and he was. I always made sure the guys knew that we weren't a "couple" just cause we had some fun either....I NEVER played any games with anybody! He was single and I was between bf's so it was FUN!! I was no angel in my teens.....I really wasn't..... :O

Sie--A difficult inspection you take! I am--ever so delighted that I passed.

It is amazing what personality and physical beauty can accomplish.

Stoner....it's one of those times when it doesn't hurt to be a girl!! :D

Sie--<br />
I always assumed it was the handcuffs--<br />
hanging from their belts that drew your attention. ;-)<br />
What male could resist your--green-eyed gaze--<br />
coupled with that quintessential--awwww-<br />
you always have on the tip of that skillful tongue?<br />
I am rather convinced you were frequently--pulled over--<br />
for reasons other then your--tail light. <br />
I am pleased that dinners with the police force has ended--<br />
to avoid ticketing fees..<br />
I really don't mind paying the fines. =D<br />
jus sayin--

The hancuffs helped!! :D