Somebody Delivered The Wrong Flowers To My Home!

I just woke up having a flower delivery man standing on my door with a beautiful flower bouquet but apparently it wasn't for anyone that lives here. It had a weird name on it "Beba something" the last name i don't remember very well but it was even weirder, and sounded almost invented out of thin air.

He insisted that this was the right address by reading it back to us, but the name wasn't so he just couldn't leave the flowers here. He spent some time on our lawn calling someone (possibly the flowers sender) and then left.

I felt discouraged that it wasn't for me (i recently left a relationship) and that I have never given flowers by someone of the opposite sex, at least that Beba will feel lucky today!

I just felt like that name wasn't real at all. I have never been given flowers, yet business such as 1800 flowers are successful because they are sending flowers to anyone but me. On valentine's day I barely see any girls being given flowers anyways, and that's pretty sad in my eyes. It feels like guys are not even trying anymore and they just want everything for free without putting on their best behavior.

They buy into the "I have to be a jerk" mentality to get girls to like me forgetting that in reality everyone's turned off by that cliche at the end of a long hard day, when no one wants to find a jerk at home, get your facts right you guys, chivalry, decency and romanticism are not dead yet, it's your choice to revive it!

At least it's not as bad as when I found a black dead bird on my door a few days ago or when I saw a crazy man with a short skirt and earrings playing guitar to someone in my neighborhood, just crazy days :)
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May 12, 2012