I Haven't Even Had A Relationship (oh Crap!)

so i join these group because yes, i've never been on a long term relationship... hell i haven't even had a relationship.

the reason accordings to some friends is that i'm way too gentle (yeah... What a good reason...)

since when been gentle makes you a freak? i have 16 and some friends told me that i act like an old man, that i need to be less selective, been dirty and that stuff... few words, they want to turn me into what i consider is a jerk.

i don't care if the girls near me like to date jerks, i wont become one, i don't care if i should born on the XV century to avoid loneliness i wont become a jerk even... even if that means to be alone.

so, people i ask you, is it true? girls don't like sensible guys anymore?
lost54 lost54
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

With that tattoo, I seriously doubt chicks don't flock to you. That's damn hilarious man, HILARIOUS! I think you are a troll. If you are not, just break your shirt open in front of the chick you want and you'll get her. She'd laugh to death. They are vulnerable when they laugh.