I Guess Thats Just The Way It Is

I am a 27 year old woman who is a mother to a beautiful baby boy.  Who came from one of the very short and few relationships I have experienced.  It just seems like nothing or no one seems to stick.  I would have to say my longest relationship which just ended last week lasted about two months. Even in highschool I never really dated though I was still very active being creative in plays and music.  Sometimes I wonder why and there seems to be a danger of getting depressed by it but you it comes to where you just have to stop worrying about it.  They say when its supposed to happen it will happen.  I hear women say..." I knew I was always meant to be with him" and it scares me or maybe saddens me that I never felt that way about someone.  Where two people belong together and when they are together they are so happy and have found their true companion.  Until then or if ever then...I have a beautiful boy to nurture in his life.  Thanks for reading.:)  Take care , feel free to email me...apple321@aol.com

arosesmile arosesmile
26-30, F
Oct 9, 2009