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I am 26 years old and I only dated one girl for only 3 months. It is painful not to be able to experience a true loving relationship. Everyday I don't look forward to the fact that I don't have a girlfriend when I wake up every morning. I am a intelligent and nice person, but I don't get it. Is it because I was always meant to be single? I have the belief that there is always a special someone for each and every person. I have the hope that I will find that person if I try to open my heart, and really see what is going on.

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Dont worry....you'll find that girl when you least expect it. Just be yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself and be confident about who you are and she would enter you like sooner or later! You are still young! :)

I have changed my attitude since I wrote this story now lately. I am actively out, going to events, meeting people as opposed to just sitting out home, complacent that I will get somebody. Thank you for all of the support.

Aww wonderful! That lady is soon to jump into your life. I am happy for you!! :)

Keep us updated! I cant wait to hear about that special lady in your life :)

My husband was the same, he had no serious girlfriend into his mid twenties, when we met, it was pure magic, I adored that he didn't have a lot of baggage, we've been together for 30 years. Have hope, something wonderful could happen today.

You're right, it is really painful, and I don't get it either, life is that misterious in a bad way.

Open your loving heart,

The ability to heal, love and create is in our mind.<br />
Use your mind !! An Idean can change your life<br />
Create new ideas. God bless you.

@ Bellaflore thank you for commenting. My worst fear is never to be noticed and I just wish that will never happen. You are a good hearted girl and I hope that someday someone will adore you for who you are.

You will find the right person one day. I'm still looking, too! :P