I Will Soon Be 26, and Have Never Had a Relationship Last Longer Than 8 Months

My birthday is monday and I will be turning 26. My longest relationship was 8 months and it only lasted that long because I was to busy to break it off sooner. Anyways, I have been feeling like a loser lately, thinking wow, I will be 26 and have never been in a real relationship. I have 2 sisters, one who is married the other who has been with her b/f for like 5 years now. Both my sisters have been engaged, and have relationships they have learned from and grown from and things they can talk about when it comes to relationships. I feel like I have nothing, and so I avoid those conversations the best that I can. I just really feel as though its to late for me, I am 26, unemployed at the moment (but looking for a job, good luck to me) a single mom, I feel as though I have absolutely nothing to offer anyone. I never really felt like a loser until I realized I will 26.

Rae1983 Rae1983
31-35, F
Feb 11, 2009