Now That I Think About It...

I have never been in a REAL relationship.  I've casually dated a lot of different guys.  A couple of them for a long time (over a year).  But, I was always still seeing other people, and so were they.  We'd go weeks, or even months, without seeing or speaking to each other.  No commitments were ever made.  No dwellings ever co-occupied. 

I have always been a restless person, but as I get older, I am feeling more grounded.  I would like to find a real, long-term connection with someone. 
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4 Responses Jun 4, 2010

"not willing to settle for someone who doesn't" good for you! i know from experience that settling for less than you want and deserve is very unsatisfying.

I am willing to wait. I have never been the kind of person to force things or settle. But mutual understanding and love would be nice. To trust in another person, fully trust them - that kind of vulnerability makes me nervous. I just want someone to "get me" on all, or even most, levels. And I am not willing to settle for someone who doesn't.

time will come for the right person........................ just open your hearts..................

i know how you feel. i'm still waiting on that REAL relationship myself, one with mutual understanding, commitment, love and desire. casual doesn't cut it for me anymore and hasn't for a long time.