Nope, Never Been There :(

Nope, I have never been in a relationship. Don't even know how does it feel to be in one? Maybe it's because of my struggle. I am so busy in my own struggle to survive that I don't have time to fall in love and for the things like that.

I don't have money either to spend on a girl. I always wonder how people can afford to spend so much time and money on their partner. I haven't got the answers yet.

Some years ago when I was in the school, there was this girl who seemed interested in me. but I wasn't like other guys, I felt guilty to give attention to these things when there're too many important things to do.  I ignored her and resumed my struggle... it's killing all my desires. and when it comes to my principles, I have great courage and determination. I show them that no one can change my mind and I feel like a winner only to realize later that I have lost. I haven't touched a girl yet...How does it feel?  It's truly a different world where I don't belong. I don't think I will ever get married. May be in this life, I am supposed to live alone. It's so sad, but I must accept :(

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Maybe you just haven't met the right person yet. When you do, I truly bet things will be different. My husband never had a real relationship before me, either. He had a couple one night stands and a girl he tried to date but cheated on him in the first 3 weeks of them dating. Because of his childhood and past, he never knew how to connect with someone and commit. Communication and passion were just words to him. When he met me, that slowly changed. You just have to find the person worth dropping everything for. I felt similar to you before I met my husband. I thought I would never find genuine love. I thought I was just better off alone. No one is meant to be alone. Life is so short. Try to quit obsessing over 'doing' everything you possibly can while you can. Drop the stresses and worries and just start living. Life isn't about the rush or destination, it's about the journey. It's not a race. Love seems to come to you the moment you quit looking for it. Also, you don't need money to find love. My husband was broke and jobless when we met and I never cared. Yes, he has a job now but if someone has true feelings and interest for you then material things shouldn't matter. There are millions of fun things to do that don't involve money. I would much rather get spoiled with love and affection instead of money and material items. Real, genuine women will feel the same way. Hang in there! :-)

HI Meldanniele, Thanks for your comment. I liked it and I felt better after reading. Yes, you are right but it's just hard to believe in these times when it's difficult to trust someone. Money and success play important role in a relationship. I know it shouldn't matter but it's a fact.

My life hasn't changed. Now I am 25. but instead of giving attention to these things, I have focussed on my studies, my health and other fun things and I don't feel so sad now. If I am to stay single forever, I have to find ways to live life. I hope I will make it.

I am just glad you both were lucky to find each other.

Thanks. yes, I have met many people like that. but I'm not that wise. Now only a miracle will change my mind. one good thing is that I'm so busy in my own things that I forget this pain, constantly trying to improve myself. and this will never end. it's only when I see my friends with their gfs I realize what I don't have. I hope everything will be alright. :)

whose to say whether you deserve or don't deserve love.....ask those who've been with the same person for 30 or 50 years, ask them what they lacked...most likely they'd say something like we struggled, but we had all the riches life has to their eyes, they had everything. :)

You are right. but I don't deserve such good things in life. I know that feeling would be sweet but we can't have everything at the same time. I am only supposed to struggle and fight. If I don't, who will? I can't run away. :(

falling love doesn't require any planning and to some extent not even money....the little things make it worth it. there's a high that comes with it, it can get dangerous because you do leave yourself vulnerable....but you will never know the strength within that love requires...someday a lady will come along and sweep you off your feet! as long as it's long as it's mutual, it's one of the best feelings you'll ever know.

@faint shadow: that's true. the same is my case. There are many things that I want to buy but I just can't because I'm broke. Everyone around me is rich, so I think thes things are best for them, not for me. <br />
@Aoikitty : don't feel so hopeless, you are gonna get a right guy who cares for you when the time is right. and if you are not expensive, chances are quite high. lol, :D

Ive never been in one(online doesnt count), but I sadly know heartbreak and anger, as Im generally sensitive and pick things up..........bit ive been ignoring guys more lately, and dont think the pain is worth it. It seems as if relationships just dont last anymore, and its increasingly easier to leave people for others, like a trend. I do not trust much anymore, and when someone says they will text me, I never believe them like I used to, and if its a guy....I have doubt it in, and surely, my doubts always show up to have a reason for their doubt-ness-<br />
<br />
also if I already feel no interest or respect for a guy, I will ignore him so he leaves me alone, I hate dealing with things I dont want to be involved in, even though it makes me seem cruel.....what makes anyone think guys dont do it to me that have no interest?<br />
<br />
As far as money goes, it depends on the girls too.......I myself am not too expensive really....I dont need high end clothing, and Im capable of paying for my own food if I have to. having supper or going to movies is only costly if you do it often.

thak you all for you comments. I think I don't belong to this world. but yes, there are many advantages like I don't know how does it feel to be heartbroken. My friends keep telling me but I can't understand them because I lack the experience. lol. I have lot of time for myself. No one can force me to be there with them. but when I ask, why me? I've no answers. :(@KingFluffs : Oh, she is some swiss teenager. Isn't she so cute? I love her. lol

Who is the person with the green eyes in the picture?

its terrible u are very lucky to not be in one ! but at the same time what do i know i have never been in a healthy relationship with anyone all i do know is that sometimes its not worth it being lonely hurts a lot less than being lonely and trapped in a relationship

Then you have never known heartbreak and - believe me - that's a good thing! Being 'in love' is fine when it is fine but when it ends you will be hard pressed to feel worse pain...<br />
<br />
It is how I imagine drug addicts must feel when they cannot get a hit!<br />
<br />
My last relationship landed me on anti-depressants and seeing a psych as I could not cope with him not in my life anymore and the thought of him seeing other people made me so insanely jealous that I wanted to hurt him and every woman he may even look at/date! <br />
<br />
It's been 10 mths now,with no word from him,and yet,despite all the dramas we had (we argued constantly despite having lots in common) I am still not over him!<br />
I can't imagine being with anyone else - and so cannot get into dating again!<br />
So - like you - I don't know what I am going to do, as he was it as far as I'm concerned...<br />
Guess I am going to be alone forever as well....