Im confused.
-dont want to sound vein but heres how it is.

- I have always been the center of attetion

- people tell me I am beautiful on a daily basis 

- Im laid back, a completly drama free girl.

- I love to have adventures, 

- im not a bitchy girl!

ive liked a few guys in my life, drug dealers not good. but even they didint want to commit.

Ive lived all my life single, and im starting to feel like im never going to find a nice guy. 
I havnt even ever been on a date, guys just dont seem to be interested in me other then sex.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 12, 2010

OMGod, how i feel you. you are exactly like me, except for me it gets worse. most men my age around here are married, and everyday i get are pervy married men trying to get me on the side while still leading a perfectly contented married life. its not fair.

I have the same but I'm too choosy or selective (my english is not very good hehe) I think. I just want a guy who I can talk with seriously. Most of the guys of my age are only talking about sex and things.